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Mama Killa, Mother Moon, deeply influences us and Pachamama. She influences the sea tides, high and low. She influences our human bodies which contain up to 60% water. In this magical workshop Don Alejandro shares knowledge how to work with the energy of the different the moon cycles, when do you work with Mama Killa for example to release or when to start with a new project? You will learn a meditation how to connect and tune in the moon energy and we will end the workshop with a Moon Ceremony by making a despacho. Please bring your own mesa if you have one.

Location: Het Lichthuis in Zandvoort 10 a.m. until 5 p.m.

Workshop: € 125 (paid in cash before the start of the workshop) tea and coffee included


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Join this beautiful workshop! You will learn how to make a despacho, understand the background, how to work and connect with the four wind directions, mama Cocha etc. Every wind direction is connected with specific sacred sites in Peru, Huacas and Apus. You will also receive more detailed information about all ingredients being used in the despacho as well as the connection with the wind directions. In the afternoon every participant will make his or her own despacho. Please bring your own mesa if you have one.

Location: Het Lichthuis in Zandvoort 10 a.m. until 5 p.m.

Workshop: € 125 (paid in cash before the start of the workshop) tea and coffee included



The Paqos are the masters of living energy! Everything is energy. Not only your physical body will be healed but your energetic bodies as well. You can choose to receive a private healing or one of the Hatun Karpay initiations. Here in the western world we suffer from all the chaos around us and in ourselves.  An energetic healing can help you with:

  • old emotions, trauma, loss, mourning process
  • alienation caused by migration, move or adoption 
  • stress and burn-out
  • soul retrieval

The healing will start with energy clearing (removing hucha) and the Paqo will start the healing with his Mesa (kuyas, medicine stones). The Paqo will work with you, fill and reconnect you with energy. This energy can be provided by Pachamama (Mother Earth), the Hanaq Pacha (upper world), the Kay Pacha (mid world, the Apus/Spirits of the Mountains) or de Uku Pacha (down world) and Spirit Animals. Every energy has unique qualities and power. Before the healing your intention for the healing will be discussed and afterwards, Don Alejandro will share his experience and give you advise.


The Hatun Karpay 

Munay Karpay  -  Opening of the Heart 

Yachay Karpay  -  Knowing (intuitively) of the Gut

LLamkay Karpay - Working of the Mind

The Hatun Karpay is the Master Initiation.  In total 3 initiations will be given, in between each initiation a minimum period of 6 months to a year is needed to integrate. The initiations open your heart, open and connect you with your own wisdom and intuition with a clear mind and ratio. Qeros receive the Karpays when they are chosen (for example if they are invited by the lightening) or when you feel an inner calling that this is your path. These are the first steps towards the Pampamesayok path and you should take responsibility for this. Study and daily meditation, working with your Mesa, taking care of your own healing process as well as supporting other people in their processes. When you do nothing with it, the energy of the Hatun Karpay will fade and be lost. It is like planting seeds that need loving care to be able to grow and blossom.

Location: Het Lichthuis in Zandvoort

Healing: € 125 (paid in cash )

Hatun Karpay Initiation: € 225 (paid in cash)


Paqo Pampamesayok Don Alejandro Apaza Machacca is born in 1953 in a small mountain village Qiqo in Qeros. Qeros is recognised as a nation within Peru since the Qeros indians are from the ancient and authentic lineage of the Incas. The village is located at 4.600 metres in the Andes Mountains. Since the Spanish Conquistadores have colonised Peru, the Qeros have been able to survived with little resources and they have taken refuge in these mountains. For 500 years without any influence of the outside world, they have verbally passed their knowledge and wisdom from generation to the next, being the reason why their Quechua language was an unwritten language until recently. Their teachings have remained authentic and pure, without any western influence.

Don Alejandro has been raised in a family blessed with an uninterrupted authentic line of Paqos, both Pampamesayok as Altomesayok. He has learned from his father Don Santos and his grandfather Don Ifratio Apaza, both Pampamesayok. His great grandfather Don Nicolas Apaza was a Altomesayok as well as his older sister Doña Maria. He grew up in his village and around the age of 16 he received the initiation of lightening which struck the earth close to him and deformed his foot. After consultation of the coca leafs by his father and other Paqos, it became clear that he could choose which path to follow. Many Paqos have been chosen by the lightening, they are being called to walk this path dedicate their lives to unconditionally help people and animals on Pachamama, help restore the balance, work and live from their hearts, to honour and consult the Apus (Spirits of the mountains) to support their work.

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The Paqos and Q’eros community characterise by their simplicity and love, their strong connection with the elements, with Pachamama (Mother Earth), Mama Qocha, Nustas (Female Guardians) and the Apus (Spirits of the Mountains), Wayra (Wind), Tai Tai Inti (Father Sun), Mama Killa (Mother Moon), Chaskas (Stars and Star Constellations). 

After some time Don Alejandro has decided to walk the path of Pampamesayok. He has received by far the most initiations in Qeros. Don Alejandro is well known for his loving way of working and he has proven to be a capable teacher to represent the Inca Tradition. Through his teachings we learn how to reconnect ourselves and how to open our hearts which is an important mission and desperately needed in our Western world nowadays.

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